Remove Domain in Windows Server 2016

AD DS Removal Workflow

Demote DC


Removing the AD DS roles with Dism.exe or the Windows PowerShell DISM module after promotion to a Domain Controller is not supported and will prevent the server from booting normally.

Unlike Server Manager or the ADDSDeployment module for Windows PowerShell, DISM is a native servicing system that has no inherent knowledge of AD DS or its configuration. Do not use Dism.exe or the Windows PowerShell DISM module to uninstall the AD DS role unless the server is no longer a domain controller.

Demotion and Role Removal Windows PowerShell

ADDSDeployment and ServerManager Cmdlets Arguments (Bold arguments are required. Italicized arguments can be specified by using Windows PowerShell or the AD DS Configuration Wizard.)
Uninstall-AddsDomainController -SkipPreChecks















Uninstall-WindowsFeature/Remove-WindowsFeature -Name










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